Friday, February 22, 2008

Small Business CRM Software - CRM Can Help You In Many Ways?

Small businesses can benefit from a CRM solution because it gives you more by using less. In other words, it gives you more time, more profits using less resources and lesser cost. CRM solutions help companies streamline their customer handling operations. With most of the repetitive functions running on autopilot, your role in the operational CRM is minimized to viewing requests assigned to you for the day and responding to them. This reduces the time and staff required to handle customer requests.

The collaborative functions of small business CRM software further increase these benefits by allowing customers to trouble-shoot their problems by self-service. The knowledge to do that is stored in the knowledge database of the software and is made easily and quickly accessible by the software's user interface. Initially, after installation, you can build the knowledge database with information divided into concise chunks and classified into relevant groups and subgroups. Once this is done, your database will continue to grow, even automatically, because with more customer visits more questions and their solutions get posted for all to see.

Another part of the database that the software maintains is that of customer request information. This gets build up over time as more and more customers use the software to lodge problems, get solutions, ask questions, suggest changes and so on. The database stores the history of each customer, the correspondence exchanged with them, and the kind of problems they have faced. This valuable information can help you in many ways. To begin with, you can give personalized service to each customer based on this information.

Furthermore, this information allows you to study patterns of customer behavior which can help you forecast behaviors such as how customers would react to a change in product, service or even price. You can use this information to take key decisions for your business. Notably, these decisions would be customer-centric rather than product-centric, which makes remarkably good business sense in today's world. Thus by using a small business CRM software solution, you cannot remain a small business for long.

Usually there are three communication channels through which CRM is implemented: direct channels through telephonic and personal contact, online via internet, and call centers via phone, fax and email. Of these, the most easily and constantly used channel for small businesses is the online channel. CRM software can easily support this channel by providing tools for web marketing, tele-sales and customer self-service portal for marketing, sales and service respectively. The added benefit of online CRM solutions is that you can access customer information from any location or computer.

Small businesses need not be unduly concerned about investing in these solutions as there are many solutions available for free or at minimal costs. Many of them are easily customizable to fit your unique needs. However, remember to check their free trials to ensure optimum utilization of CRM features for expanding your business.

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