Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Niche marketing, Niche market products... It's hard not to make money!

Niche Marketing is selling a product or service online or offline, to a specific group of consumers. The product or service itself may also be classified as a Niche market product or service if it caters to a limited group of consumers. Like certain types of computer software for example.Do you remember a few years ago, hearing about a certain online business, that was successfully selling gift wrapped boxes of "poop"? Sounds weird doesn't it? But, guess what?...That small Internet business found a special "Niche" of consumers who cherished the idea of purchasing and yes... sending their former employer or ex lover, etc... a nicely wrapped package of... "Doo-Doo!"That my friend, is an extreme example of finding a unique Niche market of consumers! And a unique product!Unique from a marketing perspective for sure! (smile!)My point is... that one unique small online business got free worldwide news coverage and probably made a "ton" of profits! (Especially considering the value of their inventories!)Do you ever think about inventing and or marketing your own products? Can you imagine that? 100% Profits and Complete Control of pricing and marketing. Sure, you can earn a lot of money selling someone else's products... But the difference between selling for someone else, and selling for yourself, is similar to the difference between loving someone and being "In Love" with someone!Your enthusiasm, passion, patience, endurance, and determination to succeed increase tenfold! Why?Because you're doing this for you. And those who are important to you. And also because you know you'll be making 100 percent profits! (big smile!) YEAH!!!Please forgive my enthusiasm! (Ahem!) I was getting ready to say.... The best route to a profitable Internet or offline business that will generate a proper to sell or resell your very own products. And you don't have to reinvent the wheel to sell tires! This is where owning the Master Resale license to what you are selling is the perfect answer for those of us who don't have the time or expertise to invent our own products.With most Master Resale rights products you have the freedom to alter what you will charge for your products.Advertising prices are constantly rising, and if you are not in a position to change the price of your products, your profit margins will dwindle. Especially if you advertise using pay per click models like Google Adwords.And as an added bonus when selling Niche market products youll find your advertising cost to be considerably cheaper. That is because you won't have as many competitors in a specialized market to share advertising space with! Heck... you may even need to lower the price of your products to remain competive in your marketplace. That's another good thing about owning the resale rights to your products... Usually once you make your first sale, everything else is 100 percent profits. So you can afford to lower your price if you have to and still make 100% profits! And the most efficient route to success is to find a unique specialty market (Niche Market),where the competition for customers is not nearly as fierce as it is in the general marketplace. To stay ahead of the competition, you should sell the very latest and most sought after Software titles.Selling Software means that your customers pay no shipping charges, and they also have the satisfaction of downloading their purchase instantly. Or you can burn CD's and personally sell or ship them! Guess What... You can even do both! Online and Offline!Obviously you'll also need to sell products that people are willing and happy to buy. Powerful, unique niche market products. Products that can be updated. Products that are easy to use and affordable.There are thousands of new websites going online everyday.And even more people who are interested in starting an online or home business.Why is that a good thing for you? Because... they all need high demand products to sell, marketing and promotion software, content, and resources to build or enhance their websites or home based business.You'll also find many entrepreneurs who don't want to go through most of the technicalities of building a website, but just want to start selling their very own products.Now imagine you stepping in at their point of need, with a Complete online, or even offline business package.Professionally designed and written niche websites, with products to sell included! Imagine your products having the potential to save your customers tons of time, money, misinformation, and frustration!Imagine you, helping people all over the world begin to make their dreams come true! Wouldn't that be fabulous? Can you see and feel the potential? I started my Niche market software business in October 2006... two days after launching my website I had my first sale to a customer who lived in Puerto Rico! I have never visited Puerto Rico! But I have a customer there now! That is still amazing to me. I love it!Thank technology for the Internet. All of the sales that I have since then have been 100 percent profits! And you can do the same as me... maybe even better!Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read this article. Don't forget what I said!Have an excellent day!Copyright © 2007 Nicholas Busbee All Rights Reserved Worldwide

About the Author: Nicholas Busbee has been in Sales, Public Speaking to groups of up to and over 20,000 people, and Radio Broadcasting from Classic Rock & Roll to Hip Hop & R+B, for over 25 years. His website helps people start their own home based business selling software,e books and instructional videos. and

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