Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The CashCrate Project: One Site, One Month, One Hour A Day

As a stay at home mother, I have tried plenty on work at home opportunities with limited success. Recently there has been a lot of buzz about a new get-paid-to (GPT) site called CashCrate. Get-paid to sites are often downright scams or pay so little that it isn’t worth your time and effort. I spent many hours everyday about four years ago while pregnant with my third child participating in these sites and most never paid me at all. CashCrate seems different. CashCrate offers surveys for people to fill out for a certain amount of money. The amount you can earn for each survey varies from about 40 cents to several dollars. I have heard of plenty of people making good money. I have done a few offers and received my check for a little over 18 dollars a few days ago. I made that by doing only a few surveys now and then throughout the month. It is free to join and free to fill out most of the surveys. There are higher paying offers that ask for a credit card and/or a small fee. But I’m really interested in the 100% free offers. Now I know that CashCrate does actually pay, I want to see how far I can take this thing. After all, a lot of those people making hundreds of dollars probably have dozens of people referred under them. So I propose an experiment. I will determine how much an average person can make on CashCrate, using no money, and only spending one hour a day doing surveys. Also I won’t count any referral income so people can get an accurate idea of how much they can make without referrals since many people (like me) aren’t good at getting people to sign up under them. If you want to join the experiment, sign up on my site through the link below. This should be a lot of fun, even if we discover that there isn’t a lot of money to be made. At least then we will know and we will have only wasted an hour a day over one month. Plus we’ll be helping other people learn whether CashCrate is worth it or not. So to sum up, I will be spending one hour every day for the next month filling out forms on CashCrate. I will not be counting any referral income (since I don’t have any). I will not be using any tricks. And I will only be doing 100% free offers requiring absolutely no money on my part. The reason I am doing this is to show people exactly how much can be made on CashCrate in one month with very little time, no money and no referrals. I’ll be posting my progress on my website. Feel free to follow along for a while before deciding whether or not to join.One last thing, if you decide to join up but you want to also try and get referrals, go ahead. CashCrate has the account information set up so you can tell exactly how much money you have earned from your referrals. It should be easy enough to subtract that amount from your total to accurately determine how much you have earned on your own.

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About the Author: Jennifer Carpenter is a work at home mother of three, two teens and a preschooler. She has worked online for six years through a variety of businesses. She is currently working to achieve financial freedom for her family through article writing and Internet marketing. See how she does it all at http://www.livingmybigdream.com

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