Sunday, July 27, 2008

Auto Content Generators For Blogs

Everyone knows that its challenging to continually update your blog with fresh new content. The harsh reality is that if you don't spend hours researching all of the reputable websites in your niche, then you have to rely on your own expertise or outsource the task.
However, when you are just starting out, you rarely have the money to invest in outsourcing yet and may not necessarily be an expert in your field. Bloggers taking on the role of reporters has become more and more common. By taking on the role of a reporter, any blogger can use posts from any existing website, even quoting these sites directly just by including a link to the source content.
Some black hat bloggers believe that this is enough work and are happy to let this type of content drive traffic when their only goal may be AdSense or affiliate revenue. This strategy may work for a while however but as the Google search algorithm gets smarter, as it has done in many ways already, this type of blog will not guarantee you a consistently high search engine ranking as Google will identify this as duplicate content.
There are many software programs on the market that allow you to fetch other peoples content for your blog, they are commonly referred to as auto content generators. These auto content generators may search article sites, rss feeds, and even video sharing sites and automatically generate this content to your blog. However, continually using content copied directly from other sites is really not going to help you build a long term business with a valuable subscriber list that you can market to over and over again.
As with any strategy that you will discover online, either a tip you read in a forum, article on another blog or from one of the top guru's, always make sure that that individual strategy forms only one part of your overall strategy. Committing yourself to just one good strategy will eventually put your whole business at risk if a change in terms of service (as Google do very often) means that your one strategy is no longer legal or recognised by the search engines.
So, such is the strategy of using auto content generators to update your blog. Don't disregard it altogether just because its 'black hat' and don't throw everything you have into it as the last lifeline you have. Use it as a part of your overall strategy and take advantage of the positive aspects. When combined with your other strategies for your blog, traffic, sales and conversions, it should give you a more complete business.
We all want to increase traffic and search engine rankings but there is no fool-proof shortcut that you can take that is guaranteed to be around for the long term. Any back-door or under-the-radar type systems can't guarantee your success in the long term like having quality, unique content. Learn how to get top quality, unique content onto your blog.

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