Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's Love Got to Do With It? (MHM-Mental Health Matters)

Hey I bet you are saying to yourself what does love got to do with it? That my friend is simple, it’s got everything to do with it! You can’t stand there and tell me or even sit there and tell me that love doesn’t have or play a huge roll in your life!
It has everything to do with you. You want to find a mate and be loved, don’t you? Say yes, because I know this to be true. Now why is it are primal interest to love and be loved? When Adam was alone in the Garden of Eden, he got lonely and God in his infinite wisdom, decide to make Adam a mate, from his own rib even.
Now why would Adam become lonely in the Garden of Eden, a perfect place? Now do you see were the very first love and be loved took place? That’s right with the very first person and God agreed with him, so he really must have been lonely and wanted to be loved!
Now we know for a fact that God loved Adam and perfectly I might add, but why was that not good enough for the human race? It’s simple he felt the need to be loved by another human to be complete.
Now do you feel that God made a mistake here? I mean he is the all knowing, the alpha the omega, the begging and the end, so it would seem that he knew it all, does that make sense to you so far?
Well if he knew already that Adam was going to get lonely, why wouldn’t he have created Eve at the same time? We’ve already stated he knows all, so why make Adam suffer all those years? Was it because he loved to see him in pain? I think not!
Now here goes another one of my crazy theories, God knew Adam would indeed get lonely, so this was no big surprise to him. What we don’t understand is why God didn’t make Eva right from the get go? Why not you may be asking, well that’s a very good question you asked and I’ll do my best to answer this question of yours.
It’s sort of like this God knew Adam would get lonely, but he also knew that we as humans built in his own image, would get lonely by ourselves and that we would need a mate. The two shall leave there home and become one. Now here is the tricky part of the whole thing! God knew that Adam and Eve would eat the so called forbidden fruit of good and evil, knowing this he created them anyway, not because he didn’t love them but because of the fact that he loved them.
Now here is were it gets heavy. The so called first sin was actually the first realization that we are part of God, the Holy Spirit will never leave or forsake you, and do you believe that statement? Well my friend Jesus himself said this and as far as I know he was the only sinless soul. Now would you agree with me on this?
Ok we have established that fact that we come from God and we have the Holy Sprit with us always. Has it ever occurred to you that we are collaborators in creation? What this means is God in his infinite wisdom, knew that Adam was incomplete and knew he needed a mate and he also gave us free will.
Now on ward this free will was not the first sin as we suspected, it was actually that we were human beings and connected to God. Yes God wanted it from the get go, for there to be a man and a woman. Why then was Adam lonely, it was God experiencing this, all of Adams feeling and this is why we are called collaborators in creation.
Now when God and Adam grew tired of being lonely and wanted another person to be with them, he created Eva, now adding a new dimension to the relationship, was two humans together both one with God, yet they were creating their time together and God was pleased and he was now exercising the joy of a complete human race.
So Adam and Eva feel in love in the human form and were collaborators in creation with God, that brought his understanding of the human relationship and how he was experiencing the relationship with them and all humans to come for generation and generations and it all started with the basics of love is all there is and when God felt that he needed more than the human races feeling, he then sent his only son The Jesus to earth to feel all that was left out with just human relationships.
He experienced love of the only true form and that would be Jesus, the only sinless soul, who would transform this thing we call death, which started when we first realized that we where part of God.
Now can you see how that love is all there is and God created us to love one another and the two shall become one and love thy neighbor as you love thy self, so yes love does play a big role in the workings of the whole universe and yes love is all there is!
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