Friday, February 15, 2008

A Few Practical And Easy Ways To Identify Niche Markets And Niche Market Products.

Finding the perfect Niche Market, and Niche Market products is not as difficult as it seems! As a matter of fact... Did you know that your puppy could be squatting over a "goldmine" even as we speak?

By now I'm pretty sure you have already figured out what the "goldmine" under the puppy is! (smile!) Maybe it says The Washington Post or New York Times Editorial on the top middle section! (BIG smile!)

Yes my friend... the only thing left to do now is to find the Classifieds section. The classified section of just about any local newspaper, will list hundreds if not thousands of unique items that folks are either looking for or selling.

And the great thing about the classifieds... Everything is already digested for you into nice little specialized categories. (Niche's)

Okay... before we move on let's make sure we are on the same page where it concerns the definition of Niche Markets and Niche Market products.

Niche Marketing is selling a product or service online or offline, to a specific group of consumers. The product or service itself may also be classified as a Niche market product or service if it caters to a limited group of consumers. Like certain types of computer software for example.

You didn't doze off did you? (smile!)

The next place that's convenient and inexpensive to find great ideas for a niche or specialized online or even offline business is your closest bookstore or library. Try looking in the Hobbies and Self Help sections for starters. You'll find tons of great ideas!

Have you ever been to an outside market or a "Flea Market"? You will likely see a lot of unusual items for sale there. Just follow the crowd. You'll begin to see what others are paying for and their level of interest.

If you are an outgoing person, you may even be able to do a little research! Ask a few people what they like about a product. Do they think their friends and family members would purchase the product?

You could also do a quick "interview" (interrogation) (smile!) of the vendors. Find out how their sales and demand for the products are going. You may also consider Garage sales for good Niche Market ideas and products.

And here's a new way to show a "newly found" interest and enthusiasm for the conversation of your friends and co-workers... Most people enjoy talking about themselves. Listen, and you'll hear them talking about the things that they have purchased, want to purchase, wish they could find, and on and on and on.

And on. Keep listening! I'm sure you will come up with all sorts of ideas... before your co-worker shuts up. (BIG smile!)

And of course since you're already here... you know the Internet is the place with the most resources that will help you to develop your very own Niche Markets opportunities.

I gotta go now! I must return to my mountain top retreat! (And let my brain cool off!) Smiles!

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read this article.

Always remember...
"Any pursuit is GREAT... when GREATLY pursued!

Don't forget what I said. (BIG smile!)
Peace... and have an inspired day!

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